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If you’re needing a fix on sugar but not that industriel stuff, then I would strongly recommend a taste of the sugar confectionary of Florian for a real high, something extra special to tantalize your taste buds ! Florian is the one and only unique creator on the French Riviera of candied fruit, chocolats, candied flower petals, unique varieties of jams such as that made of violets (the flower that symbolises charm and poetry) or lavender jam.
Got you interested ?

Off to the village of the Pont sur Loup with a stop over at Gourdon !

Then jump on your bike or take your car towards the perched village of Gourdon, which is on the way to the Pont sur Loup. The trip up into the hills is totally breathtaking, often hugging the cliff face on a winding and thrilling road up to Gourdon. This village is really perched up there and when you see it for the first time as you round a corner with its castle, you instantly fall in love. So why not stop over and take in the incredible views from this small village which also happens to boast a small Florian shop. Here you can already start getting a taste of what is to come. Here you can taste candied or crystallised flowers, chocolats, nougat, jams, in drinks and liquors, teas…and the candied fruit such as clementines and even ginger strips. And let’s not talk about the choice of originally made chocolats.
So now you’re curious and you start wanting to know how and who makes this sinful stuff that you can’t just say no to.

The factory of Florian

Get on your wheels and continue down the winding road until you get to the teeny weeny village of the Pont du Loup. Whilst you’re on your way, you’ll be making a note of the river Loup which seems a beautiful place to swim on a hot day and you know there are probably unique spots with some falls, and you’ll make another note of asking Gillian from the Port d’attache about that too !
The factory of Florian is a big word as it’s more of an old building with much character. In the midst of a glorious nature filled setting and alongside the rushing Loup river. The visit is free and is in 5 languages so you won’t miss a crumb of what is said and it is quite fascinating to watch the making of the different sweets and candied fruit.

The history of Florian in a capsule

To cut a long story short, Florian chocolate factory was founded in 1921 off the port of Nice and it was only 30 years later in 1949, that the « Confiserie des Gorges du Loup  » near the Pont du Loup opened its doors. And interestingly enough, it was one of the sons of the Fragonard perfume family, Georges Fuchs, who initiated the project. In 1974, the Florian chocolate factory in Nice became the « Confiserie du Vieux Nice  » and the shop of the factory in the Pont-du-Loup. And then in 1996, the Fuchs family separated from Fragonard and changed their name to Florian to incarne both the candy and chocolate products.

During the visit, you will get to taste a multitude of marvelous candied fruit, flower petals and chocolates. So what are my favourites :
Candied clementines, a big classic from Florian.
Candied flower petals and the candied ginger
The calissons flavoured with rose and violette petals
Chocolate in the form of coffee grains
And of course the violet jam !
Wow, I hope you have enough space in your baggage !

Gillian de la Villa du Port d'Attache

Gillian est sud-africaine, elle a posé ses valises sur la French Riviera depuis 25 ans aujourd’hui. Journaliste de formation, elle est de la génération qui a vu la fin de l’Apartheid à coup de Sugar Man et de David Bowie. Avec un mari en mer, elle s’est lancé dans un joli challenge : accueillir les voyageurs du monde entier, mais à quai.

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